Celestial Ascension [Ep]

by Kronoceptor



Kronoceptor - Celestial Ascension EP review.

"First off, Tommy Gough is responsible for all the arrangements on this EP. A hell of an effort. Symphonic power metal is not something you put together over a few beers on the weekend.

Saying that, Gough has put out a little gem of an EP. Imaginative guitar work, with a good splash of keys to keep things interesting. Things move at a hectic pace from the opening track "Helm Of Darkness" which sees Gough mixing high/mid/growls vocals all in a short space of time - effectively. Personally, i prefer his mid register, but his use of the occasional wail, is superb.

"Vodial Thesis" comes next, along with the keys, and it soon becomes clear that Gough is a contender. The guy has some serious chops. This will be his last EP, and the biggest question is can he assemble a band that could cut this live? The blast beats and double bass, would be enough to kill most mortal drummers. If he can pull this off, the skys the limit.

The 4th track is the most intriguing. "Primordial Timewarp" - fast paced and super catchy, it is fairly stripped back in comparisons to its predecessors, but still has that epic feel to it. Along with the faux crowd noise, this further emphasizes Goughs ability to think outside the square, and mix things up.

Kronoceptor are on the verge of something much bigger than a 5 track EP. If Gough can take Kronoceptor to a live format, and replicate the sound thats on "Celestial Ascension" - he'd better get his passport ready.

A worthy addition to anyones symphonic power metal collection

Cheers, Frank \m/0o\m/" - Heavy Decibels Radio Show ( www.facebook.com/pages/Heavy-Decibels-Radio-Show/269767921029 )


released July 10, 2013

Tommy Gough (Arragement, Recording, Performing, Production)



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Kronoceptor Canberra, Australia

Symphonic Power Metal

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